John and Heather “Otis” Tayloe, President and Founders

Strategic Communications Group’s purpose is to “reach the world, with God’s Word, through radio.” John and Heather Tayloe established Strategic Communications Group in 1998 to further their lifelong work in international gospel radio broadcasting. Heather’s father, George Otis, Sr., established VOICE OF HOPE – 945 AM radio station in South Lebanon in 1979 and broadcast until it went off the air in 2000. Seventeen years later, the Lord moved John and Heather to reestablish the VOICE OF HOPE… this time in Israel. On March 28, 2017, the VOICE OF HOPE returned to the airwaves on 1287 AM reaching Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus and Israel from our studios on the Sea of Galilee Israel.

We honor the original vision of George Otis and his great desire to share the gospel worldwide. John and Heather have added their own unique life mission leading to the expansion of VOICE OF HOPE WORLD RADIO NETWORK’S global broadcasting reach.

Discussions and planning IS currently underway to expand our Voice of Hope broadcast reach further into North Africa and Asia. More to announce soon!

*Strategic Communications Group owns and operates the following global radio stations:

  • VOICE OF HOPE – MIDDLE EAST - 1287 AM (Galilee, Israel) Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus and Israel.
  • VOICE OF HOPE – AFRICA (Lusaka, Zambia) 75% of Africa by Shortwave radio.
  • VOICE OF HOPE – AMERICAS (KVOH-Los Angeles) Cuba, Mexico, Central America by Shortwave radio.